Older people telling ‘porky pies’ on their DVLA form

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Older people telling ‘porky pies’ on their DVLA form

Post by falkor » Fri Feb 12, 2010 8:52 am

Many elderly people still on the roads are not fit to drive and tell ‘porky pies’ on their DVLA form to certify they are fit and healthy, according to a road deaths investigator.

John Apter, a road deaths investigator from Hampshire Constabulary told the Federation/ACPO Roads Policing Conference lastmonth, he was concerned about some elderly drivers not being fit to be on the roads and that they could be a danger to other roads users.
http://www.polfed.org/02_Feb10_Mag_News.pdf from February's POLICE
He cited a case he had dealt with where a 93-year-oldman had caused the death of amotorcyclist and had later pleaded
guilty to death by driving without due care. Mr Apter told delegates that the man’s family had been concerned about himdriving at his age and that he had not been checked out by a doctor for around ten years.

When drivers reach the age of 70 they have to fill out a form fromthe DVLA to say they are fit to drive but Mr Apter said “a huge proportion are telling porky pies and are not fit to drive”.

Sgt Ivan Stafford, collision investigator, said families and society had a responsibility to ensure unfit elderly drivers
were not out on the roads.
“They [family] have a responsibility to care for elderly drivers, we should say ‘you are too old for this now, you are
endangering other people’.”
He added that GPs have also duty of care to the public in relation to informing the DVLA if someone was unfit to drive.

Age discrimination legislation was raised as a possible barrier to this and Edmund King, president of the AA Foundation, warned thatmany aging drivers relied on their cars as a ‘lifeline’.
He added: “Many elderly drivers give themselves limitations they help to self regulate although I do think fa