Traffic officer asked women for sex in return for excusing

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Traffic officer asked women for sex in return for excusing

Post by falkor » Thu Jun 17, 2010 7:59 am

A traffic patrol officer has been jailed for asking women drivers for sexual relationships in return for letting them off motoring offences.
Jamie Slater used the police databases to retrieve personal details Photo: PA
By Richard Savill
Published: 4:38PM BST 15 Jun 2010
Pc Jamie Slater, 33, had sexual relationships with two women while on duty with South Wales Police, Cardiff Crown Court heard.

The married officer stopped five women for suspected minor motoring offences and requested their mobile phone numbers.

The father-of-two later sent text messages asking them to meet him for sexual relationships.

One agreed but the four others declined. The officer also had a sexual relationship with another woman after he was called to a disturbance at her home.

The court heard the constable used the force’s database to retrieve personal details of his victims.
On one occasion Slater had to hide a woman in his patrol car when he was called to an emergency and involved in a high-speed chase, the court heard.

Peter Davies, prosecuting, said Slater had stopped the married woman who was driving alone with only a provisional license, and told her he would have to impound her car. She became upset and began crying.

"Slater told her if she gave him her mobile number he would not cause the car to be retained and she agreed to do so."

The court heard they began a consensual affair after he contacted her by text message.

The relationship continued for a year before the woman ended it when Slater's sexual demands "became more unusual".

When her husband found out about the affair, Slater retrieved his details from the police database and sent him taunting messages.