Church of Scientology

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Church of Scientology

Post by falkor » Sun Nov 22, 2009 5:46 pm

The Aussies aren’t the only ones worried about the “religion” issue. In very secular France, they are trying to ban the movement. Founded in the US in 1954 by science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, because “starting a religion would be a good way to make money”, to many people it has remained just that, science-fiction.Image
But that riles people such as Tom Cruise, who has alienated many with his pseudo-scientific (much more pseudo than scientific) ravings about aliens and things beyond the ken of other mere mortals. So, too, Rudd’s comments will come to the notice of great actor John Travolta, a Scientologist who flies his own Boeing jet. The movement’s guiding theme, Dianetics, leaves a sour taste in the mouth of rationalists, and sounds for many, more like something that diabetics should avoid. Now it seems the newish Australian prime minister has come to a similar conclusion.

According to the website of the local chapter of the “Church”, L. Ron spent quite some time in Johannesburg, working himself into a sort of prosaic rapture: “You know I am very fond of Johannesburg. I have walked your hills and my lips have turned blue and I have puffed from the rarefied air. I watched the rain come down from the sky, hit the ground and bounce up again...”

Cool banana, Ron.

In Oz, Senator Xenophon called scientology a "criminal organisation", and he wants a review of its tax-exempt status as a religion. He tabled letters in parliament from former members claiming embezzlement, forced confinement, torture and blackmail, as well as the "ordering" of abortions and virtual house arrest of followers. The Church said Xenophon's claims were "fascistic" (a sign that its adherents’ grammar needs some working on, too), and denied its global membership of a claimed 12 million were being financially exploited.

:twisted: would you join it? have you joined it? should it be banned?? :lol: