do you know a reservist?

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do you know a reservist?

Post by falkor » Sun Jan 10, 2010 12:46 pm

DARTFORD: Civil servant prepares for battle in Afghanistan
10:00am Saturday 9th January 2010

Swapping his job as a civil servant for another six months on the front line, Corporal Tim Wates speaks to reporter DAVID MILLS about the war in Afghanistan.
Image Corporal Tim Wates
Despite the obvious dangers of a war zone, the 37-year-old civil servant from Dartford thrives on the excitement and thrill of helping rebuild war torn countries.

In March he will be on his second tour of Afghanistan, this time in the capital Kabul mentoring instructors for the Afghan army.

Previously he was based in Helmand Province, the key battle ground against the Taliban.

Cpl Wates, who is in the A Coy unit of the TA'S London Regiment, said: “I believe in what we are doing over there.

“I know it’s not popular with everyone but I still think we are doing the right thing out there.

“We are helping Afghans get on their feet as a nation, we can’t just let the Taliban and Al-Qaeda resurface.”

Cpl Wates, who works for the Department of Energy and Climate Change, is one of 60 reservists from the regiment preparing to go to Afghanistan.

Reservists come from all walks of life such as estate agents, engineers, prison officers and teachers who have swapped their civilian jobs for the front line.

As part of their preparation the soldiers practise weapon handling, marksmanship skills and counter insurgency tactics.