duplicate tax disc, duplicate driving licence, duplicate...

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duplicate tax disc, duplicate driving licence, duplicate...

Post by falkor » Fri Jan 22, 2010 4:29 pm

okay have you PERSONALLY been through the ordeal of getting a duplicate driving document?

YES? We want FIRST PERSON experience here

so I shall kick off with getting a duplicate tax disc, I lost mine and had to get a new one



do not waste time queuing up - skirt round and see if it is a post office that has a rack of forms!! I was lucky, my post office had a huge rack with just the form I needed, now don't waste time hanging around the post office after getting the form THEY CAN'T HELP YOU at the counter

STEP 2 see if you can find your VEHICLE REGISTRATION DOCUMENT V5, this is a critical component in this process

now fill out the form (V20) as best you can

STEP 3 hit http://www.direct.gov.uk/dvlalocal to find your nearest DVLA office :DO NOT SEND TO DVLA SWANSEA they cannot help you

STEP 4 write out a cheque for £7, enclose your VEHICLE REGISTRATION DOCUMENT V5 with the form (they won't accept it otherewise)

STEP 5 send off to your nearest DVLA local office, job done!!


stolen driving licence?

You left your wallet in the glovebox of your car

you get back and find to your horror, that you car has been broken into

horror of all horrors …… the glovebox has been rifled!!

holy wigwam batman, the wallet is gone AND your driving licence was in there, what now?

Well you can hope that somebody finds the discarded licence and hands it in but if not - what next?

I can tell you that costs for a duplicate driving licence are £20 regardless of whether it was lost or stolen

But has anybody been through the process? If you can help on duplicate driving licence, duplicate insurance or duplicate MOT please add a reply