wearing religious symbols at work

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should staff be allowed to wear religious symbols at work?

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wearing religious symbols at work

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Russell Jenkins 26 Comments
A Christian nurse who refused to remove a crucifix at work has lost her claim for discrimination after an employment tribunal panel ruled that she should have reached a compromise with her hospital employers.
From The Times April 7, 2010

Shirley Chaplin, 54, suggested that her religious beliefs would be “violated” if she took off the necklace because she felt that she was being asked to hide her faith. She had the support of a number of bishops who claim that Christians are being persecuted in an increasingly secular society. The Archbishop of Canterbury has also criticised a “wooden-headed bureaucratic silliness” that prevents people from wearing religious symbols at work.

John Hollow, the tribunal chairman, ruled that the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital had acted reasonably in trying to reach a compromise. It had argued that the objection to the crucifix, which Mrs Chaplin, from Kenn, near Exeter, had worn for 30 years, was based on health and safety concerns about patients grabbing the necklace, not religion.

Mr Hollow suggested that the damage to Mrs Chaplin, who wore the jewellery each day to the hearing in Exeter, had been “slight” and noted that wearing a cross was not a requirement of the Christian faith.

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