driving lessons are getting harder

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driving lessons are getting harder

Post by falkor » Wed Apr 14, 2010 11:51 am

One minute she was practising her mirror, signal, manoeuvre drill. The next, she was upside down in a driveway wondering what went wrong.
Fortunately, Krisztina Jaksa and instructor Glen Berley escaped the crash unscathed - which is more than can be said for their black Fiat 500.

Student Miss Jaksa, 24, was crossing a junction in the village of Headington, near Oxford, when the steering wheel locked.
By Beth Hale 14th April 2010
Panicking, she put her foot on the accelerator instead of the brake, sending the car crashing into a gatepost before it flipped over. She said she could not remember much about the accident, but added stoically: 'It has not put me off driving - why would it?'

Witness Russ Dunne, 33, who lives on the quiet street, spoke to the instructor after helping to rescue him and the stricken pupil.
He said: 'I was standing at my door talking to someone from the Labour party who had come around canvassing.
'I heard the engine revving really heavily and then this almighty smack.