Thousands of speed cameras will be switched off

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Thousands of speed cameras will be switched off

Post by falkor » Mon Jul 26, 2010 6:58 am

By Tim Shipman
26th July 2010 Thousands of speed cameras will be switched off after the Government slashed the money that funds them.
In an open attempt to have the controversial cameras axed, ministers have pushed through 40 per cent cuts to the cash handed to councils for road safety.

That will limit the amount they can pass to road safety partnerships which run the cameras.

Ministers have also axed all funding for new speed cameras. But senior Ministry of Transport officials indicated that many of the grey and yellow camera shells could remain to act as a deterrent to speeding drivers – a move that will irritate motorists.

The Government has cut £38million of the £95million that had been due to go to local authorities this financial year for road safety.

The move to reduce the number of cameras was welcomed by motoring groups which have long claimed that they are a stealth tax measure which has little impact on road safety.

Since they were introduced in 1992 the 6,000 speed cameras across Britain have been generating an estimated £100million in fines each year.
Every camera in Oxfordshire is set to disappear after £600,000 of cuts to the Thames Valley Road Safety Partnership.

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Re: Thousands of speed cameras will be switched off

Post by nighthawk » Tue Jul 27, 2010 12:06 pm

Listening to Radio 2 yeaterday afternoon. They interviewed the people in relation to this. I have mixed feelings about this.
I understand the need to cut costs, but please don't advertise that you're switching off the camers! Every berk out there who doesn't give a damn will now be flooring ot everywhere!
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