the best CRIME TV Series of 2010? (which?)

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which is your favourite TV crime series in 2010?

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the best CRIME TV Series of 2010? (which?)

Post by falkor »

Dog the Bounty Hunter (Bravo)

The Detectives (Comedy Central Extra)
Monk (Hallmark)
The Bill (Watch)
Motorway Patrol (Bravo)
Inspector Morse (ITV1)
Road Wars (Sky2)
Operation Repo (Bravo)
New Tricks (BBC1)
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Re: the best CRIME TV Series of 2010? (which?)

Post by nighthawk »

Round about 1992/3 Robert Powell and Jasper Carrot arrived at Stockport police station to complete a bit of filming in he cells. At refs they appeared in the canteen.. I had laughed so much in ages! They had the place in uproar! before GMP scrapped the canteens, there was a signed photograph of them both taken on the day hung on the wall of the canteen. No idea what ever happened to it?
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