26 cops hurt in TOTTENHAM clashes, with 8 treated in hosp

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26 cops hurt in TOTTENHAM clashes, with 8 treated in hosp

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By Ian Gallagher and Steve Farrell | Last updated at 6:45 PM on 7th August 2011

The family of Mark Duggan has condemned the riot that broke out in Tottenham last night as eyewitness reports emerge that trouble erupted after a 16-year-old girl threw a rock at police.
Mr Duggan was shot dead by marksmen on Thursday and his fiancee, Semone Wilson, has said that she wanted answers, not trouble, while his brother, Shaun Hall, called for the community to remain calm.

The Metropolitan Police has described Mr Duggan's death as 'regrettable' and blamed the violent anarchy that flared on a 'criminal minority'
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... z1UMtw4eRLImage

Asked about his thoughts on the violence that flared up, which saw police and members of the public injured, he said: 'We're not condoning any kind of actions like that. There was a domino effect that we don't condone at all. I know people are frustrated and angry, but we ask them to please hold it down.'
In an interview with the Guardian, Ms Wilson also made a plea for an explanation from authorities.

She said: 'When we were outside the police station last night we wanted someone to come out. We want some answers. I have not even told my children that he is dead because we cannot give them any answers.'
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... z1UMu7RBLz
Twenty-six police officers were injured in riots that broke out.

Scotland Yard said at least one of the officers had suffered head injuries after protesters clashed with police in Tottenham, north London.
Scotland Yard said this morning: 'There remain isolated pockets of criminality in the Tottenham area involving a small number of people. Officers are currently taking steps to deal with these incidents.'
In a statement, Commander Adrian Hanstock said: 'Last night's disorder and violence in Tottenham is completely unacceptable. The behaviour by a criminal minority put police officers, fire brigade personnel and the public at significant risk.
'The death of Mr. Duggan is extremely regrettable and will be the subject of an independent investigation by the IPCC. It is absolutely tragic that someone has died, but that does not give a criminal minority the right to destroy businesses and people's livelihoods and steal from their local community.
'There was no indication that the protest would deteriorate into the levels of criminal and violent disorder that we saw. We believe that certain elements, who were not involved with the vigil, took the opportunity to commit disorder and physically attack police officers, verbally abuse fire brigade personnel and destroy vehicles and buildings.

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