Hampshire motorway at virtual standstill

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Hampshire motorway at virtual standstill

Post by falkor » Thu Apr 10, 2008 9:24 am

By Dan Kerins
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Evening commuters were facing severe delays tonight as they headed home.

The northbound M271 was at a virtual standstill since shortly before 6pm.

According to the Highways Agency, nothing more than heavy traffic was the reason for the delays, which it suggested would be a minimum of 40 minutes.

One motorist, who contacted the Daily Echo said: "It wasn't even moving, so I just turned around rather than join the queue.

"I've never seen it quite like it at this time of night. By the time I leave work it is usually flowing quite well.

The Highways Agency say do not expect the motorway to return to normal until 7.45pm at the absolute earliest.
Posted by: Rufus T Firefly on 6:43pm Wed 9 Apr 08

The non-story of all non-stories.

"Tonight there was a traffic jam, quite heavy really. No reason, just heavy traffic."

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm so thankful I live somewhere that an insignificant traffic jam makes the local news!
Posted by: you're a prat on 6:45pm Wed 9 Apr 08

It's not a non-story if you are planning on travelling down that road you numpty. Thank god you don't live anywhere round here.
Posted by: Rufus is a 'tard on 6:53pm Wed 9 Apr 08

Oh good, Rufus strikes with his inane comments once again.

Seeing as I was stuck in that traffic, I wondered if I had missed what was going on. I've never been stuck on the M271 for 30 minutes before at that time.
Posted by: Barry Beetroot, I'm a beetroot! on 7:44pm Wed 9 Apr 08
"One motorist, who contacted the Daily Echo said: "It wasn't even moving, so I just turned around rather than join the queue."

So the motorist turned round and headed down the motorway the wrong way, did he?
Posted by: Dan Gleeballs, southampton on 8:16pm Wed 9 Apr 08
I was eastbound by the rownhams services on the M27 at 17:45 in a queue which was also affecting the M271, it was due to a break down in lane 1 of the road works.

those 'traffic officer' berks were stood talking to the recover guy instead of getting the car moved quickly. they create issues cruising up and down the motorway at 55mph.
Posted by: mushboy, Soton on 8:30pm Wed 9 Apr 08

Yep, I was there the same time, And they were just standing there like muppets,Why cant they just put a tow rope on the break down and tow it 3 junctions down, Minimal delays!!! So i called them W*@K£R5, fooooooking tw@ts
Posted by: aghhh on 8:35pm Wed 9 Apr 08
yea and someone has been f***ing around with the traffic light timing at the top of 271, even in the mornings this week ( half term ) its been busier than ever.
Posted by: Steve on 9:21pm Wed 9 Apr 08
They could all have joined the traffic jam on Basset Avenue at the same time - caused by idiotic builders who coned off the inside lane just south of Chilworth Roundabout during the evening rush. Or was the real idiot the council official who sanctioned this madness?
Posted by: Barry Beetroot, I'm a beetroot, yes I am! on 10:53pm Wed 9 Apr 08
If the motorway "WASN'T EVEN MOVING" how did the motorist get to a 'roundabout' in order to "TURN AROUND"???

The only possibility is by performing an ILLEGAL manhouver.

Please tell me how else someone would turn around in stationary traffic??

I would appreciate it if you'd withdraw your derogatory comments, aimed towards me.
Posted by: Saint Ash on 10:55pm Wed 9 Apr 08

And if he's in stationary traffic, how did he get to the roundabout?
Maybe common sence isn't your forte either!
Posted by: Simon, Southampton on 8:48am today
I am so glad i cycle to work so miss all of this. There is a lesson to learn here as it will only get worse over the years to come, sit on the M271 for 30 minutes or get a train and you are in Bournemouth in 30 mins!
Posted by: Get it right, Hythe on 9:50am today

Maybe spelling isn't your forte - it should be "common sense".
I don't know which is better ...... the news .... or the comments :-]

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Re: Hampshire motorway at virtual standstill

Post by Chan76 » Thu Apr 10, 2008 9:39 am

Lol........ :lol: :lol:

That's cracking....... which forum is that from?, they're comments are so funny!!!! :lol: :lol:

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