Traffic Warden does a good turn........

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Traffic Warden does a good turn........

Post by Chan76 » Mon Apr 07, 2008 8:10 am

Traffic warden does good turn – and saves pensioner from bus accident
Jan 26 2008 by Liam Murphy, Liverpool Daily Post

A QUICK-THINKING traffic warden from Wirral saved the life of a pensioner who was about to be run over in her motability scooter by a reversing bus.

Parking attendant Chris Stuart banged on the side of the bus, whose driver had clearly not seen Doris Williams in the scooter, just as the bus’s bumper nudged against the scooter.

Mrs Williams, of Ross Avenue in Leasowe, said the young man’s quick thinking and action had saved her life.

She twisted her knee trying to jump out of the scooter but was unable to get out of harm’s way – yet still escaped more or less unharmed.

She said: “Chris’s quick thinking saved me from a serious accident. We call traffic wardens all sorts, but really they are just normal people doing their job, and that bit extra. Chris is very polite and really did save me from being hurt or killed, I will always be grateful.

“As long as he never gives me a ticket.”

Chris heard Mrs Williams’s screams and rushed to the rescue, as a large minibus reversed without seeing her sitting on the scooter on Oliver Street in Birkenhead.

Panicking, as Mrs Williams could not move the scooter out of the way, Chris ran and banged on the side of the bus forcing the driver to stop, just as the back bumper touched the scooter’s basket.

Chris Stuart, who works for NCP Services, Wirral Council’s contractor said: “I heard Mrs Williams screaming and I just managed to stop the bus in time.

“Anyone would have done it, luckily I was just there at the right time.”


Re: Traffic Warden does a good turn........

Post by gladys » Mon Apr 07, 2008 3:42 pm

i would like to buy that man a pint, what a nice fella. something like that nearly happened to me last month.

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