Spitting driver forces traffic warden (CEO) to quit

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Spitting driver forces traffic warden (CEO) to quit

Post by nighthawk » Tue Jul 27, 2010 12:02 pm

Spitting driver forces traffic warden to quit

Stan Miller

June 02, 2010
A traffic warden is quitting after a motorist spat in her face for giving him a ticket.

Mohammed Ahmed, 25, had parked up in a bay in Manchester's Northern Quarter without bothering to pay.

On finding he was about to get booked, he started shouting and swearing at warden Lindsey Whittaker, who is 5ft 2inch tall.

And Ahmed, of Overbrook Drive, Prestwich, ended up spitting at the victim hitting her on her left cheek and jaw said prosecutor Lindsey Willis.

The City's Magistrates heard that Miss Whittaker had been left shocked and intimidated.

In her impact statement she said: "I don't do a job that is popular with the public.

"However, with most incidents I can brush them off and carry on - but I haven't been able to forget this.

"It has resulted in my having to change the area I work in and question whether I want to carry on with this job."

Ahmed pleaded guilty to assaulting Miss Whittaker and was remanded on bail until today for pre-sentence reports.

Solicitor Peter Eatherall, defending, said Ahmed claimed he hadn't intended to deliberately spit on the warden.

"He has a belief in a native American ritual to ward off future irritations that involves spitting at or towards a solid object.

"Unfortunately at the time he spat the woman stepped in front of him," Mr Eatherall told the court.

He added that his client believed that he might have mental health problems.
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