Parking attendant sacked for talking to off-duty colleague

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Parking attendant sacked for talking to off-duty colleague

Post by Ralph » ... colleague/ by Tim Lezard - 26th March 2012, 8.00 BST
Parking attendants in Ealing have today started a further five-day strike over a long-running dispute about the unfair dismissal of their shop steward Parveen Bhardwaj.

From midnight, nearly two-thirds of Ealing’s 90 parking attendants will be off work as they demand their colleague’s reinstatement. A picket line will be in place outside the NSL office (58 Uxbridge Road, Ealing, W5 2ST) every day from 6.30am until 2.30pm. It follows a 100 per cent vote in favour of strike action.

Unite members are demanding Parveen’s reinstatement, who they believe was dismissed on trumped up charges and was really dismissed due to being an active shop steward who stood up to management for his members.

Parveen is accused of falsifying his pocket book which is used to record his movements during the day in his job as a parking enforcer for NSL – a notebook that has now gone missing and was not available during the disciplinary hearing – and for talking to an off duty colleague.

Unite regional officer Richard Gates, said: “Talks with the company have failed to resolve this dispute to our members’ satisfaction. They feel they have been left with no other option but to take industrial action in support of their dismissed colleague.

“We have always insisted that our members take strike action seriously and only as a last resort. However, when our members see injustices

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Re: Parking attendant sacked for talking to off-duty colleag

Post by falkor »

What the hell happened to his pocket book?

I would love to know what Parveen says happened to it. :shock:

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