parents force traffic wardens to retreat

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parents force traffic wardens to retreat

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Traffic wardens have been ordered to stay away from a street – to protect them from the wrath of school-run parents.
METRO NEWS 28 March 2013
They have face verbal abuse from mothers and fathers of pupils at two schools, after issuing tickets at the drop-offs.

The situation has got so bad they have been temporarily withdrawn – despite fears that irresponsible parking is causing a danger for youngsters.

‘It’s quite unbelievable the levels of abuse, considering the job they’re doing there to help protect children,’ said council officer Gerwyn Jones.

‘This is a short-term thing until we meet with the schools and get an agreement in place.’

The wardens had been told to patrol in Aberystwyth, west Wales, because of the concerns over parking near Plascrug and Gymraeg schools.

But Katy Spain, parking services manager at Ceredigion County Council, said: ‘We have had some unnecessary levels of abuse, to the level where we’re unwilling to send officers there.

‘We didn’t think they should be put through that.’

Town councillor Paul Hinge said police should intervene by making an example of an abusive parent. ‘It only takes one person to be clamped down on and it will cease,’ he said

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