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Parking Attendant using vehicle not being a passenger vehicl

Posted: Fri Sep 19, 2014 10:18 am
by Solid
A parking enforcement officer has been criticised for ‘breaking parking rules’ while on enforcement duties in Bideford. ... _1_3755516
See in this case I think he WAS covered!

Nothing in Articles 7 to 12 shall render it unlawful to cause or permit any vehicle to
wait in any of the roads, lengths of road or on the sides of road or loading areas
specified therein for so long as may be necessary to enable:
  1. the vehicle, if it cannot conveniently be used for such purpose in any other
    road, to be used in connection with any of the following operations, namely:-
    1. building, shop fitting, industrial or demolition operations;
  2. the vehicle, not being a passenger vehicle, if it cannot conveniently be used
    for such purposes in any other road, to be used in the service of a local
    authority or its contractors in pursuance of that authority's statutory powers
    or duties;
  3. the vehicle of the Royal Mail or other universal service provider (as defined in
    section 4(3) and (4) of the Postal Services Act 2000) to be used for the
    purpose of delivering and/or collecting mail;
  4. in any case where the person in control of the vehicle,
    1. is required by law to stop;
    2. is obliged to stop so as to prevent an accident, or
    3. is prevented from proceeding by circumstances outside his/her control;
IN THIS CASE THE CEO WAS CLEARLY USING A VAN, under the TRO a passenger vehicle is one designed solely for the conveyance of passengers so this van would be included in "not being a passenger vehicle" mind you when asked about the incident, a Devon County Council spokesman said: “Vehicles used by civil parking enforcement officers (CEOs) have an exemption while on enforcement duties, although they would be expected to park within a bay when they are able to do so.”