P.A.s will be re-named 'civil enforcement officers'

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P.A.s will be re-named 'civil enforcement officers'

Post by falkor »

Starting from Monday 31 March, under the Traffic Management Act 2004, parking attendants will be re-named 'civil enforcement officers'. From this date the Council will be able to mail out parking penalty notices to motorists who physically prevent parking attendants from attaching them to their vehicles.

Under the Traffic Management Act 2004, there will also be two levels of penalty charge notice for parking violations. Under the two-tier penalty system, £70 tickets will be issued for contraventions such as parking on yellow lines, loading bays, resident and disabled parking areas, taxi ranks, bus stops, cycle routes and in prohibited areas outside schools.

Lower level £50 penalties will apply to contraventions such as exceeding the time limit in an on-street parking bay, parking without a pay-and-display ticket, 'meter feeding', misusing an invalid parking ticket and re-parking in an area without complying with a designated time interval.

Those who receive a charge notice will still have a 50 per cent discount on penalties if payment is made within 14 days. The discount concession will last for 21 days for people who receive a penalty notice through the post.

If the full penalty is not paid after 56 days a charge certificate increases the full amount by 50 per cent and failure to pay after another 14 days will result in the matter being referred to the Traffic Enforcement Centre in Northampton for recovery enforcement incurring an additional £5 registration fee. Motorists who wish to contest a penalty charge notice will still be able to appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (currently known as the National Parking Adjudication Service).

The city council's website will soon provide motorists with full details of Peterborough's traffic regulations orders through an online mapping system that will show all the city's streets with the parking restrictions in force in those areas.

The new Traffic Management Act also gives local authority parking attendants the power to check Blue Badges issued to drivers with disabilities and to enforce a range of traffic violations through the use of CCTV cameras. However, Peterborough City Council has no plans to introduce the CCTV powers initially.

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Re: P.A.s will be re-named 'civil enforcement officers'

Post by Guest »

In fact P.A.s have been able to inspect Blue Badges since October 2006

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