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20 councils in the UK won't have CEOs!

Posted: Sat Feb 28, 2015 9:37 am
by falkor
3 days ago an article was printed in the OXFORD MAIL

including the perfect cop out from South Oxfordshire leader John Cotton - read it
South Oxfordshire leader John Cotton said his council was one of about 20 in the UK which did not control civil parking enforcement because, he said, residents did not want it.

He said: “The public aren’t in favour. We have run various consultations over the years and we don’t see an appetite for it across the district.”

He admitted there was a call for it in certain “pockets”, but he said the police should be doing their duty.

He said: “At the moment, part of the funds they raise from the taxpayer are to go towards that. If we started paying for civil enforcement they would be paying for it twice, which just isn’t fair.”
so 20 councils in the UK continue to back away from civil parking enforcement, why? He says because residents don't want it?

so then residents have to rely on police to hand out tickets to commuters who park on residential roads ? hasn't he heard? The Police are being CUT! doesn't he realise that Police cannot hand out tickets anywhere near as much as a civil enforcement department would. he says the police should be doing their duty well what is the Chief Constable's reply to that then?