Greater Manchester Police Traffic Wardens - The end.

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Greater Manchester Police Traffic Wardens - The end.

Post by Guest » Fri May 23, 2008 1:03 am

As of the 31st of May, the Traffic Warden Service, a branch of Greater Manchester Police, will be officially dis-established. I say "officially" because as so often happens with government departments there is a bit of a fudge going on here as there will still be a small number of Traffic Warden Supervisors. Admittedly, they will have no Traffic Wardens to suprvise, but, hey-ho. Existing Traffic Wardens will, at the end of the month, become P.C.S.O.s with traffic responsibilties. In other words,
Traffic P.C.S.O.s. Out on the divisions, they will, among other things, become involved with vehicle stops on behalf of VOSA
carrying out HGV vehicle safety and tachograph checks. Doing the same for local authorities undertaking emissions testing. It's also possible that they would assist the D.S.A. in checking whether driving instructors are working legally. The D.S.A. don't have the authority to stop moving vehicles.
As for my lot at the Airport, 80% of us will be based inside the terminals with occasional forays onto the road system, usually when requested by the Airport's own Forecourt Attendants who don't themselves have any powers. 20% of us, however, will be involved with the cargo area which includes baggage handling (where the real action takes place), an area of countryside where there is a lot of wildlife and certain anti-terrorist actions.
It all certainly makes the future a lot more interesting. Yesterday I handed in all my Traffic Warden uniform and the next time I'm on duty I'll be a T.P.C.S.O. I'll still have my ticket books but just won't use them as often.

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Re: Greater Manchester Police Traffic Wardens - The end.

Post by nighthawk » Mon May 26, 2008 8:47 am

Nice one fudgepanda.. Hmm, guess who forgot to log in :?: :?: :?: :? :oops: :roll:
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