Is there anybody outhere.......??

Who are you? Do you go kayeking down the Nile? Make model Concordes out of matchsticks? What are your hobbies? What is your starsign?
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Re: Is there anybody outhere.......??

Post by falkor »

I wonder how many traffic wardens remain who are still employed by the Police
nighthawk wrote: the pressure to perform in often difficult circumstances.
night, what pressure? ;)

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Re: Is there anybody outhere.......??

Post by nighthawk »

Never suffered from it mate.. Bring it on! If there would have been a Traffic Warden in Hot Fuzz, then it might have been me.. (or Fudgepanda.. lol)
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Re: Is there anybody outhere.......??

Post by honeywes »

...good days and bad days, though just lately seem to have had a lot of bad days abuse wise!!! Worse beats are the ones in centre of town, everyone in your face all day!!
We have a carparks only beat which can also be a bit of a pig - 'What do you mean I've got a ticket because my P and D is upside down?' I'm supposed to have xray vision now!!! Anyway, today is a well earned day off. Happy to hear from any other CEOs out there and compare horror stories, coping mechanisms etc.