the mobile parking camera has arrived

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the mobile parking camera has arrived

Post by falkor » Wed Aug 05, 2009 8:54 am

By Richard O'hagan
Last updated at 9:01 AM on 05th August 2009
Ask any motorist to name the two things he or she hates most and the answer will inevitably be 'traffic cameras' and 'traffic wardens.'
So it wasn’t too long before someone at our mendacious, avaricious local councils decided to combine the two and give us all something to really hate – the mobile parking camera.
Image Fortunately, it seems that the enforcers have got off to a bad start.
The Traffic Penalty Tribunal has already overturned penalties doled out by the mobile spy cameras, this time to Merseyside off-licence boss Rachel Johnson.

This decision should not really have come as any great surprise to Wirral Borough Council.
It should be well known to any organisation that, if you want to try and film people doing something, you’re under an obligation to tell them that you might do it. There are very strict rules on where you can site enforcement cameras and how much warning of them you have to give.

The other flaw in using mobile cameras to police parking offences is their lack of flexibility. Speed cameras are there to deal with a black and white area of law – either you are speeding or you are not. Parking rules are not so clear cut.

For example, you can not park on double yellow lines, but you are allowed to pick up and set down on them. How is a passing camera going to make that sort of distinction?

Similarly, how is a mobile camera going to check to see if a disabled sticker or parking permit is in place, and then check if it is valid or not?
If the driver is busy doing that then they are hardly able to pay attention to the road ahead - therefore committing the offence of driving without due care and attention.

I’d rather manoeuvre past an illegally parked car than face being crashed into by some idiot who is trying to get a camera to focus on the dashboard of a Mini Cooper S instead of looking where he is going.
We motorists already have to contend with three different types of speed camera (two of which are completely useless for catching speeding motorcyclists), traffic signal cameras and box junction cameras. Then there are the police and the Highways Agency’s own motorway wombles.

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Re: the mobile parking camera has arrived

Post by nighthawk » Fri Oct 09, 2009 10:55 am

I noticed that Manchester have these to enforce the bus lanes.. However, cos they weren't type approved, they had to refund thousands of pounds!
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