blue badge parking

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blue badge parking

Post by falkor » Fri Mar 21, 2008 10:50 am

I am disabled and have blue badge for car. We parked the car last Christmas Eve outside M&S Dundee in loading bay (honestly believing this meant we could park while we collected our Christmas shopping).
I require assistance from the car and into wheelchair and while I was being helped by my partner a traffic warden stood beside us. I remember thinking, he could at least have helped! Ha Ha
We went in, collected shopping and 15mins later back out to car. What a shock I got to see a parking ticket on the screen, from the very guy who had stood and watched us getting out of the car, me into wheelchair and off to the shop.
I was raging mad He must have watched and waited before pouncing. Must have been needing his Christmas bonus boosted.
It wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't been standing by watching us. He could have informed us we were not allowed to park there but oh no. Not this wee creepy guy! He must have thought his luck was well up.
I did telephone and was advised to write in regarding it. I did so but got a letter back saying no I had to pay the charges.
I hope he had a Merry Christmas and that he can sleep at night! It didnt affect us but some people might have really had to struggle to pay that fine when all it would have taken to prevent it would have been a few words. Even a snarled "shift" would have been better than wot this character did.
Thank you Dundee traffic warden.
How much do they get for every ticket they write? Must be worth it to be that sleekit!!!!!!!
2006 M & S DUNDEE what are the problems with Blue Badge parking? have you encountered any?


Re: blue badge parking

Post by Nash.2 » Wed Apr 18, 2012 7:48 am

Loading bays are set out totally differently to disabled bays. Disabled bays have the official "disabled logo" that signals blue badge parking, loading bays do not, it's that simple.

To understand the Dundee Traffic Warden's behaviour try analysing his supervisors, that might help. What credit does the Dundee Traffic Warden get from his supervisor for moving on a car parked illegally parked? When that Dundee Traffic Warden gets back to his base, does his supervisor say to him "How many motorists did you move on today Fred?" does his supervisor say to him "How many motorists did you give directions to today Fred?"

or does his supervisor say to him "How many motorists did you ticket today Fred?"

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