illegal immigrant traffic wardens

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illegal immigrant traffic wardens

Post by falkor » Thu Apr 19, 2012 7:29 pm

A traffic warden was forced out of his job after exposing that illegal immigrants were issuing parking tickets on the streets of London, a tribunal has heard.
Michael Onumajuru, 49, claimed that his boss at NSL - which operates parking enforcement for Camden Council - was at the centre of a racket in which Nigerian migrants used fake passports to gain work.
But when he challenged his managers he was transferred to a different base and then dismissed after almost three years on the job.
Mr Onumajuru told the hearing it was his boss, operational support manager Adebowale Onadeko, who was 'at the centre of the illegal working', and around 40 per cent of the wardens were employed unlawfully.

At one point, he was even ordered by supervisors to 'concentrate on issuing tickets and not worry about illegal workers', he said.

In his witness statement to Central London Employment Tribunal, Mr Onumajuru said: 'Shortly after commencing employment in July 2008 it came to my attention that the respondent was employing illegal workers.

'Whilst I was training with other members of staff they told me that they were using fake documents to work and that the respondent was aware of the situation.
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