Traffic wardens facing deportation after raid

If not a headline case then let's hear about it IN HERE!!
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Traffic wardens facing deportation after raid

Post by falkor »
04 February 2009
Tottenham Journal
MORE than a dozen parking wardens and other staff were arrested last week on suspicion of using "professionally forged" immigration documents.

The African nationals, two women and 14 men, were arrested by officers from the UK Border Agency during a morning raid on Haringey Council's parking services headquarters in Finsbury Road, Wood Green, last Wednesday morning.

As a result, seven are in a detention centre waiting to be deported, and six have been charged with ID card offences.

The six appeared at Enfield Magistrates' Court the next day and have been remanded in custody.

Those arrested were mainly from Nigeria, with two from Ghana and one from Sierra Leone.

The raid took place with the co-operation of Haringey Council, and employees were questioned and had their documents checked to make sure they had the right to work in the UK. Of the three not deported or charged, two have been placed on immigration bail and instructed to report to immigration officers on a regular basis, and one man was arrested by police relating to another, non-immigration offence.

Officers found that, of the 15 arrested on suspicion of immigration offences, six were employed directly by the council and five by employment agencies. The employment status of the other four is still being investigated.

Graham Ralph, area director for the UK Border Agency, said: "This operation is a good example of how employers can work with the UK Border Agency if they suspect that they have illegal workers working for them."

The agency carries out about 100 illegal worker raids per week in London and the south east.

Employers that fail to carry out the necessary right-to-work checks face fines of up to £10,000 per illegal worker.

A spokesman for Haringey Council said: "Like all authorities, we work with the Border and Immigration Agency to routinely check the rights of individuals to reside and work in the UK.

"During the recent exercise, a number of permanent and temporary staff were identified to be using professionally forged documents.

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Re: Traffic wardens facing deportation after raid

Post by Fudgepanda »

A bit late in replying to this, but this could well be the natural consequence of local authorities taking on this role as opposed to the Police. There may well also be a little left-wing social engineering going on here.

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