Unfair ticket

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Unfair ticket

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I was in a car park and I saw a traffic warden park in a disabled parking bay. I asked him why he was parked there and he said he is allowed too as he is a traffic warden, whilst he was doing this his colleague came over and with a big smile on his face took a picture of my tax disc. (Was this just to try and intimidate me???) I drove off but wasn't satisfied so I decided to return and take his picture and complain. (The main reason is because there was plenty of other spaces available and he acted like he was holier than thou!!!)

When I returned to the car park to take his picture I just stopped behind him and proceded to take a picture, but as I did this he ran around my car and slapped a ticket on my car. I asked him why and he just said I am parked and I don't have a ticket!!! WTF, I have only been stopped for less than a minute, plus I'm not parking.

Any comments?


NB The time was 1810 and my partner is disabled. She obviously would of needed the space if she was with me and we were parking.

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Re: Unfair ticket

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ok.. Issue (1) He's not a traffic warden.. Traffic Wardens are only employed by individual Police Forces.
Issue (2) He's not allowed to park in a disabled parking bay. Local councils do allow their parking attendants to park on yellow lines providing it's in the execuation of their duty.

Any complaints write to your MP and copy the local council into the letter.
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