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email settings

Post by falkor » Sun Feb 08, 2009 10:43 am

when a member joins the site - they are able to set their email preferences

to do this click on UCP (User Control Panel) then "Board Preferences" then at the side list "Global Settings"


if you set the first option "Users can contact me by email" to 'yes' then registered users can email you via the email address you set, when you registered on the site


IF another member does choose to contact you in this way, there is an increasing chance that that email will simply end up straight in your JUNK EMAIL FOLDER

anybody with the "new VISTA" operating system may have already discovered how amazingly efficient the system's new "Windows Mail" facility is, in categorising incoming emails as "JUNK"

in comparison to Outlook Express - the new "Windows Mail" is the new sheriff in town

unfortunately - any emails sent from this site, including emails described above "member to member" will more than likely be classed by "Windows Mail" as JUNK

to check this, open your WINDOWS MAIL or other email function e.g. outlook express and scan your junk list.Image

If you see an email that is NOT in fact junk, do not open it. Instead, right click on the title (in the list of junk emails) and you will see a list of options

choose the "JUNK EMAIL" option - this will provide even further options, choose the "Mark as not junk" option and that email will placed back in your inbox

can anybody comment on this issue?